My name is Roy McGhee. I am a wood turner, craftsman, would-be artisan, but I guess in a simple sense, a collector of “odd wood”. It is these unique gifts of nature that I use as a starting point to create a finished piece that can sit proudly in someone’s home.

Every woodworker has their share of stories; I once started out making a walnut bowl and ended up with a nine inch cake pedestal. I have turned some of the most beautiful firewood – well, you know the rest. But it is those efforts in futility that help push every craftsman to look for better pieces and better ways to make them come alive.

My preferred work pieces are wood burls – they are unique, with different hues, texture, and grain – perfect for making “one of a kind” creations, just like my Grandpa used to collect.

I have spent the last eight years as a woodworker. It is not just a hobby, it is a passion, and is a wonderful form of relaxation. Over the last few years I have begun searching for, and collecting, larger wood burls and other unique pieces. I have taken some of the larger pieces and created unusual natural and live edge tables. Each one of these is a “one of a kind”, never to be duplicated piece of art.

I am beginning to take part in local craft shows and exhibitions. Please stop by to say hi, and let me know if I can create a unique piece for your home.