As a young boy there were few things more fun than spending time with my Grandpa Walker. When we would walk through his barn I would see all kinds of odd pieces of wood hanging on the walls. I remember asking him why he kept them he said “There’s not another piece of wood anywhere that is shaped just like that.”

Years later I would become fascinated with the wood carving of my father, Jack. Like Grandpa Walker, he would look for uniqueness in wood, and bring out its character through his carving. Once I became interested in turning, Dad and I would often spend hours on weekends, riding around the area looking for wood burls and other odd pieces. He seemed to know everybody (actually I think he did), and always had a lead on some good lumber to be had for the right price. When we would come home, giddy with our newfound treasure, my Mom would just shake her head and smile.

Sarnia Art Walk - June 7th and 8th

Feel free to come and visit me at the Sarnia Art Walk!

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